You might think developing a digital marketing strategy for your business or company is so much of a big deal. But here a post created to get you started in no time!

In this post, you’ll find out 7 simple things you need to get your digital marketing strategy well grounded.

  • Content

This is the beginning of every campaign of any digital marketing platform. No campaign or marketing can actually take place without this. You need to have words, visuals, videos, audios, etc. to tell people about your products, services, business and or brand! Try simple and catchy words for a start and calling your customers to action. E.g. ‘Get the best digital marketing services with Daf Solutionz! Visit www.daf.com.ng


  • Websites

In this digital age, a business’s website becomes its hub. This originates from the simple fact that a person is most likely to think of a company’s website if there becomes a need to contact or acquire any info, product or services from the company or business. So! For businesses that do not have intentions to put up a website, a simple Facebook fan page can be a way to let the world know of your amazing products and services. I will suggest you stick to Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram because search engines like Google indexes them and therefore they can come up when people search for them. Facebook groups for example aren’t index, so they can’t.

  • Socials

This is a path absolutely free to all users. But for especially startups, who do not have professional hands managing their digital platforms, you could stick to only Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, your business type could determine where you should focus yours strength. A business that markets clothing might want to focus more on Instagram and Pinterest rather than Twitter.

  • Paid Ads

Paid Ads are simply advertisement that you put up on the internet or a platform for an amount of money. They are of different types. Various online platforms offer PPC (pay per click) – which means you pay for every click your ads gets, or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). For your business, new ways are emerging to push your products and services out. Just recently, for example, BBM has started paid video advertising on its users update section.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful marketing channel to start with though. Businesses and companies send tons of this to their subscribers. Whether it be newsletters, transaction emails, digests, sponsored email, special offers emails, etc. This part of digital marketing is the one you would want to research more on before rolling out any campaigns. But basically 4 things you need to do is; determine who your audience are, create content most suitable for them, and create and schedule or and a sending frequency (perhaps every Fridays by 5pm). This is a valuable platform because email marketing actually as three (3) times as many users account than Facebook and Twitter combined!

  • Video Marketing

Fact – 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. YouTube is for now, the best platform to let people know about your business. Simple upload a homemade video telling people what your company or business does! TIP: People like to see how your customers associate with you products and services, so you could get a quick review from one of your clients and have it squeezed into the video. Make sure the video is embedded to all your social media platforms too.

  • Start!

This is usually the most difficult, perhaps because we feel we’re not so competent. If u can get and or afford professional help with managing your digital marketing platform, it would be great. However if u can’t, there is the possibility that you can learn on the go from sites like this. Fortunately, we offer free professional advice for your Businesses. Feel free to get in touch. Chat with us or send or a mail at support.daf.com.ng

I hope you enjoyed the post. Tell us about your digital marketing experience by dropping a comment.



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  1. ReplyNedu
    Thanks for the run down. The video marketing aspect catches my attention so much

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